IF you didn’t laugh at the above clip, we can’t be friends. Don’t even read the rest of this blog. In the past I’ve reviewed things as they’ve come out. Now its time for me to recommend something only available on DVD or Netflix (until Season 4 starts in May). Louie. Those familiar with Louie C.K may assume that the show (FX, Thursdays, 10:30 when in season) would mirror his excellent stand up, and it does. But the show is so much more than that. This “sitcom” is not for the light of heart. Readers that enjoy dark comedies like Cable Guy, Death to Smoochy, and other dark comedies should get ready to cringe. But as uncomfortable as it can be, its the best show on television.

Louie C.K is a 40 something single dad who is reaching Seinfeld status in terms of comic and sitcom success. Much like Seinfeld, Louie somewhat mirrors Louie’s real life, being a single father of 2, living in NYC, but the Louie character has less commercial success than the real life inspiration. Louie is brutally real, and when it’s not being hilarious, awkward, and uncomfortable, its busy being heartfelt, riveting, and compelling.

Darkest, funniest moment: Louie gets “asked out” by Dolores, a mother from Louie’s daughter’s school. Dolores. Dolores’ reasoning behind choosing Louie is, “I’m approaching you because you seem safe and discreet.” Dolores blatantly propositions Louie for sex, as opposed to the traditional dinner and a movie. When Louie arrives Dolores changes into a old fashioned nightgown that would have been out of fashion in the 1910s. Louie is then sent to the corner store for condoms, feminine hygene products, and blueberries. Once he’s back at her apartment they get down to business, and Dolores requests to be spanked while calling Louie “daddy”. She quickly starts sobbing, while Louie looks on in horror. As cringe worthy is this sounds, its 1000x worse.

Most compelling, heartfelt story: Louie meets a female employee at a local bookstore, played by Parker Posey. Their night together is a confusing, frantic whirlwind romance, capped with the couple on the roof of skyscraper overlooking New York City. The woman eventually reveals her name is Liz before they go on their separate ways. The viewer feels what Louie feels for the entire episode; that confusing excitement of a young crush. Later in the season Louie reunites with Liz by chance on a city bus, after a failed attempt to find her earlier. She collapses and dies at the hospital and Louie, along with the viewer, is truly devastated.



3 responses to “Louie”

  1. rpomper007 says :

    Hi Eoin,
    I wish I had seen your blog sooner. It is very well done. For this blog I liked that you opened with a video, but I have to admit I only watched it after I read the first few lines that said I shouldn’t keep reading if I didn’t think it was funny… I did by the way! Your blog does a good job of providing readers with enough background to see the foundation of where your comments come from. I also think it is cool that you touched on such a broad range of topics: from Eminem to Hunger Games, but stayed withing the scope of pop culture. It is good that your final post was Loui CK because that tends to draw in an older audience that maybe the other two topics wouldn’t.
    Good job!

  2. jonolen says :

    Louis C.K. is a comedic genius. Getting his sea legs here in Massachusetts is not too shabby either! I really enjoyed your post and feel that you described the show perfectly. I look forward to you hopefully posting more in the future!

  3. annebackscheider says :

    Hi Eoin, I have actually never seen or heard of this comedian before. Your summary, along with the clip you posted made me interested in checking him out though. When I actually started playing this clip, the violin started and my dog stuck her head between the couch cushions. Maybe this added to the humor of the clip? I am not sure…Anyways, I have really enjoyed your blog thus far and I do hope it is something that you continue with. I really enjoyed your review of Eminem’s new CD as well as the Hunger Games review. I would love to see future posts regarding pop culture. Maybe even some pop culture news? Either way, I think you are on a great track! Best of luck! -Annie

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