Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire Review



Hey there folks. We’re back and mixing it up a little. Last time I decided to review an album, and today I’ve got a movie review hot off the presses. For those of you that didn’t see the first Hunger Games movie, check out this YouTube summary that does a good job:

Now that youre all caught up I’ll try to give a review with as few spoilers as possible. Right off the bat, this movie is a chick flick in my head, simply due to the fact that the main character is a girl. I know that’s incredible misogynistic, but I can’t imagine getting a group of my guy friends to go see it. That being said, I went with my girlfriend, who has read the books and acts as a great guide when I get lost or don’t notice a subtle plot point. The movie picks up shortly where the first left off, with Katniss back in her district, which is still doing poorly considering she won the Games. She and Peeta have to fake their relationship to inspire the world, but Katniss actually loves Gale. The big problem is that Katniss’ performance in the Hunger Games accidentally inspires a revolution, and the people of the districts look to her as a symbol of hope. The President doesn’t like the thought of a second rebellion, so he inserts a twist into the 75th annual games. Because every a change to the rules is allowed every 25 years, he decides so send back all the old winners, who are supposed to be safe, as a “Hunger All Stars Games” in hopes of killing Katniss and squashing the rebellion. Thats as far as I can go without blowing the rest of the film.

Peaks:  I hate Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss). I also hate Woody Harrelson (Haymitch). That being said I think they’re both perfectly cast for their roles. The underlying themes are obvious to anyone over 15, and make the movie a lot more than a fluff piece. Ancillary roles from Jeffery Wright (Boardwalk Empire), Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Elizabeth Banks are all strong. The budget was obviously bigger for the second film, which was apparent by the bigger, better special effects. 

Pits: The beginning half drags a bit. As a guy I was there for the action, which obviously picks up once the Hunger Games start. I understand the love story and the revolution are all interesting, but I was more interested in a Lord of the Flies on steroids. My biggest bone to pick, and this IS NOT a spoiler, is that the film ends on a to be continued cliff hanger instead of wrapping the film up, because there is a 3rd book and obviously a 3rd movie. At least the first film stood on its own. 





3 responses to “Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire Review”

  1. rplas79 says :

    Good, quick review. Next time try embedding the youtube link in the post instead of just posting a link, you can find that near the share section. Also, why don’t you like Jennifer Lawrence? I think she comes off as a pretty normal teenager off the screen.

  2. annebackscheider says :

    Hi Eoin, I think that your Hunger Games: Catching Fire review was pretty on point. I enjoyed the film, and I personally really like Jennifer Lawrence. I like that you gave your personal take on the film going into it, and that you mentioned the tween following. When I went with my friends the theater was packed with pre-teens. I also think that you made a great point of providing a recap video at the beginning of your review for those who haven’t seen the first movie. I also like that you provided a visual of star ratings at the bottom of the review. That was a nice quick way for readers to notice the key point of the review—the rating.

  3. letiagraeningsnhu says :


    I just recently started reading these books (well listening on Audible to be more exact). Right now, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Mockingjay and I’m very excited to see Catching Fire since I finished it. You’re review was great. You covered all of the important aspects of the story without giving too much away. At first, I was afraid to read your review but I’m glad there weren’t any spoilers. The peaks and pits helps me know what to expect a bit but I also know what I like, which in some areas are in contrast to yours. The start rating system is great too.

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